Friday, 1 January 2010

Highlight of 09. Attending Alicia Keys album release party in London

....To win tickets, leave a comment here on the blog with the country you’re in and an explanation why we should pick you to see Alicia live and we’ll choose winners next week.

-In the UK we have three pairs of tickets to the exclusive launch party on 9th December in London at secret location.
‘I’m from London. And this opportunity would make a disappointing year, happy once again. Its my birthday on the 10th so the launch on the 9th would be a dream come true and one hell of an early present. Alicia was one of my first reasons to believe in music. She is a true artist and inspires me to be all i can. To see her perform live would be an element of freedom in my caged life.
Please give this dove a chance to fly… Thank you for even giving us this opportunity to apply.’

Cheryl Logan AKA CCx

I applied for the competition with the passage above expecting nothing to come from it but as they say ‘you have to be in it to win it’ so I did and I did!

On the 7th of December I was surprised to find out I was one of the lucky winners of the spotify competitions and had the pleasure of attending the Alicia Keys album release in London for her new album ‘The Element of Freedom’. From the moment we arrived at the venue the night was beyond belief, a dream that was in fact reality. As we waited to enter, we were asked to wait as Miss Keys was moments away. She pulled up and the paparazzi were pandemonium and rightly so. She looked breathtakingly beautiful and worked the crowd like a charm.

As she entered the Venue, my guest and I followed (obliviously not in the same group) Alicia continued her work and we took advantage of the free champagne and canopies that surrounded us. (Rude not to)

An hour past and we were called to the performance area as I waited anxiously for Miss Keys to make her entrance and as she did she was joined with her trademark grand piano and treated us to 6 songs. I have seen Alicia Keys perform once before but that was at Wembley arena and she was barley a centimetre tall, but this time I was close enough to see her smile which was a moment to remember. The passion in hers eyes was clear to all who was there, as she believed the words she sang and truly loved, her connection and conviction as she sang was so clear and such an inspiration. Her set included Empire state of mind ‘own rendition’, Doesn’t mean anything, Try sleeping with a broken heart, If I aint got you, You don’t know my name and finally, No one. If I could some up it in three words; Flawless, effortless and spectacular.

I was left exhausted as I watched on while Alicia controlled the stage and her audience like a true artist. I was lost in the moment and I had no desire to be found until she left. Throughout her performance Alicia not only worked the crowd while she sang, but when she took the time to talk to us she mesmerised me with her tone, so confident and so relaxed, charisma that only a few are gifted with. I could have sat and listened to her talk all night but unfortunately at some point she would have to leave. There is a reason why Miss Keys will be around for decades to come and I was lucky enough to witness it on this magical night, and I just hope more get the chance to with there own ears and eyes, because like a shooting star she is a vision that is worth the wait and hard to ever forget.



  1. ill be sure to allways, allways, enter these competitions from now on! love that ure blogging more and more x

  2. How nice! Looks like a nice evening!

    I won the competition in Sweden and are looking forward to two flight tickets with hotel and of cource the concert! All will take place at the end of May.

    As you write, it´s when you don´t expect to win that you actually do.


  3. thanks dean, xx and matt hope you have a great time, it was a wonderful night and i bet your night will be even better, sounds amazing. how did you come across this post ? CCx

  4. Thanx.

    Spotify has a link to it from their own blog:

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